Samantha Ruddy



Here's a sketch I was in for Comedy Central.

TV Writing Samples

Here's a short spec script I wrote for Adam Ruins Everything.

Here are some late night-style monologue jokes I wrote at the end of 2017

The Comedy Holiday Album

In December of 2017, I gathered a bunch of my friends and we released a holiday-themed standup comedy album with the help of ASpecialThing Records. Every comic had complete creative control over their material and all of the proceeds were donated to the ACLU. The album was featured in The Interrobang and Patton Oswalt had this to say about the lineup:

"This is one of those shows full of people who WILL become huge and you'll get to one-up your friends in 5 years about how you went to this."

Check it out on Spotify here:

Comedy Articles

I've written for a number of comedy websites including Collegehumor, Reductress, Someecards, and The Higgs Weldon. Here is some of my best work.

Reductress: Brave Mother Gradually Getting Over Fear of Teenage Daughter

Reductress: I'm The Chill Girl Who Can Hang With The Guys And Also Stray Cats

Collegehumor: What Your Tattoo Says About You

Collegehumor: The ABCs of The Internet